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Inspired by hope for a better, harmonious world, the OA Justice Ministry was established to be an important advocate for ensuring freedom of religion and belief as fundamental rights guaranteed to everyone, including Christians. Working with like-minded bodies and governments at all levels, the OA Justice Ministry helps to protect those who are at risk of abuses, such as killing, detention, or torture.

In carrying out its work, the Justice Ministry begins by suo moto, or otherwise, examining incidents in countries where it feels that the religious freedom of believers is being threatened or violated. If the Ministry is satisfied that there is an instance of ongoing, egregious threat or violation of religious freedom, the Ministry will then strive to bring the matter to the attention of the local government or authorities so that justice is delivered swiftly and effectively. In this regard, the Ministry may lobby with the government at all levels. The Ministry may also engage closely with local non-governmental organizations/non-profit organizations to monitor closely whether justice has been delivered and formulate options for further action, if necessary.

The Justice Ministry may also strive to draw the attention of global bodies and leaders to instances of sustained religious persecution through various platforms such as seminars, conferences, consultations, etc.

To help safeguard the religious freedom of believers and enable them to fulfill their Biblical mandate, the Justice Ministry may also provide them with other forms of assistance, such as free legal consultations, financial aid, etc. from time to time.

The Justice Ministry may also engage itself in dialogues with bodies of other religious faith in regional, national and global level for promotion of inter-religious harmony.

The Justice Ministry may also offer its good offices and serve to mediate or adjudicate in any matter – internal or external – of a dispute involving one or more bodies of OA.


The primary purpose of the Justice Ministry is to promote and secure religious freedom for all people, especially believers, in countries where religious extremism, intolerance, and repression are visible.

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