Olivet Assembly Africa is an umbrella body to bring OA churches together by provision of administration and organization. Churches spread in Africa share Olivet Assembly’s vision, mission and values, which unites them as a stronger presence in the nation.

OA churches are grouped under 8 regional offices divided by geographical proximity. Each local congregation possesses autonomous administration in its governmental structure. Yet, they contribute on formation of the greater vision of God’s kingdom by participation in membership system of Olivet Assembly USA.

In collaboration with Regional Offices, OA seeks to increase accountability and network in order to assist member churches to become more influential and impactful in society.

The areas of the work covered in this respect include Pastors’ Meeting, Church Planting, Church Growth, Evangelism & Outreach, Nehemiah Project, Church Polity & Law and Overseas Mission.


OA strives to provide a platform for Church Pastors and ministers to share resource, information and strength. Regular meetings are held to gather them to fulfill the common purpose of the body. Church Planting and Church Growth are strategically pursued with a collective effort between churches and OA office.

OA also actively seeks to vitalize evangelism & outreach programs in all churches in a systematic approach. Through Nehemiah Project, OA endeavors to redeem broken and closed church properties to rebuild Lord’s house to be filled with worshippers. With the foremost mandate of Great Commission, OA promotes Overseas Mission as a focal aim of missions.