Kenya Olivet Center Embarks on Spiritual Journey: Setting Standards for 40-Day Lenten Path

Kenya OC Embarks on Spiritual Journey: Setting Standards for 40-Day Lenten Path

In a poignant gathering held on the afternoon of February 13th, leaders at the Kenya Olivet Center (OC) convened with a sacred purpose—to establish a guiding standard for a 40-day path leading up to Lent.

Led by Pastor Caleb, the meeting resonated with a palpable sense of grace and reverence. Pastor Caleb tenderly elucidated the profound significance of the forthcoming 40-day journey towards Lent, urging participants to delve deeper into the essence of Jesus’ life, death, crucifixion, resurrection, and boundless love.

Unified in purpose, the attendees collectively set a standard—a beacon to illuminate their aspirations for the Lenten season. Central to their mission is the earnest desire to intimately acquaint themselves with the facets of Jesus’ life and teachings, particularly his ultimate sacrifice and resurrection.

Following the establishment of their spiritual compass, the assembly lifted their hearts in prayer, beseeching the Holy Spirit for guidance and fortitude to uphold the set standards throughout the 40-day odyssey. Their supplications were imbued with a fervent longing to experience spiritual rebirth, to journey from the shadow of death into the light of new life, and to bask in the boundless embrace of God’s love.

As the meeting concluded, gratitude enveloped the room as participants offered thanks to the Almighty for the precious opportunity to meditate deeply on His love. Their collective aspiration echoes a prayer—a hope that each soul embarking on this journey may traverse the path of Jesus’ sacrifice and triumph, emerging united in the celebration of his resurrection.