African Churches Enter Lent, Focusing on Reflection and Spiritual Growth

Entering the Lenten season, Olivet Assembly churches across Africa are diligently preparing to engage in a period of profound spiritual reflection centered on the enduring symbol of the cross of Jesus Christ. Over the forthcoming 40 days leading up to Easter, congregations are eagerly anticipating opportunities for deep contemplation and transformative spiritual training.

Churches have already begun distributing materials for the “Path of the Cross” journey, outlining reflection plans and recommending various spiritual practices to their members. These practices include media-fasting, bible verse memorization, dedicated prayer times, and other means of spiritual enrichment.

Undoubtedly, the path of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is not without its challenges, laden as it is with suffering and burdens. Yet, believers are encouraged to persevere joyfully along this path, drawing strength from the promise and power of the resurrection.

As the Lenten season unfolds, it is our hope and prayer that the Holy Spirit will work deeply within the hearts of all churches and their members, renewing their spirits and fostering a deeper understanding of God’s love. May this sacred time be a catalyst for collective spiritual growth and a shared experience of the transformative power of the resurrection.