Fishers of Men Fellowship Mission Conference Exhorted Preaching the Gospel

Olivet Fellowship Africa missions conference held in Nairobi, Kenya Olivet Center, from January 26th to 28th, preparing ministers to become fishers of men. Leaders from fellowships, Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF), Apostolos Missions (AM), Olivet Teens Mission (OTM), and Gospel and Information Technology (GNIT) attended.

The three-day Fishers of Men conferences covered in-depth sharing of the fellowship vision, Faith & Order, administration work, and mission-centered Conferences, like approaches to evangelism, teachings, and discipleship.

Special prayer sessions by the Elim prayer leaders brought precious spiritual nourishment to those in attendance. Special lectures that covered the doctrine of salvation were instrumental in understanding one’s identity as fishers of men.

Through the training, people could experience the deep heart of God’s love, understanding the urgent need to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to impart the lives of many youth across the continent of Africa.

With renewed hearts, like the Lord sent the 12 and the 72, the fellowships are sent to proclaim the true Gospel, leading many to God’s salvation.