OA Africa’s Vision Casting for 2024: Educating 1 Million Young Christians Through Online Bible Studies and Vigorous Church Planting

OA Africa's Vision Casting for 2024: Reaching 1 Million People through Vigorous Evangelism and Church Planting

At the onset of 2024, Olivet Assembly (OA) Africa set a goal to educate 1 million young Christians through robust church planting initiatives, with a particular focus on engaging those impassioned to serve the Great Commission.

Despite boasting over 500 million Christians, Africa lacks basic doctrinal teachings. In the past year, OA Africa conducted an in-depth study of the book of Romans and the four spiritual laws, enriching the faith of many youth. The exploration of the book of Acts further ignited a fervor for global missions among numerous individuals.

In 2024, OA Africa is poised for expansion, aiming to extend the reach of Gospel messages to numerous young lives through a combination of online Bible studies and church planting.

In our digital era, where millions can be reached with a click, online teaching holds unlimited potential. However, purely online interactions lack the depth of in-person connections. Church planting initiatives are essential to bridge this gap and bring online education efforts into fruition.

Church planting is not merely a method to broaden outreach and enhance discipleship; it is also a means of providing ample opportunities for new members to engage in the mission and varied services of the church. Renowned missiologist C. Peter Wagner stated, “The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches.”

Newly planted churches hold immense potential to witness the fruits of evangelism quickly and are more adept at reproducing and establishing other churches. As born-again Christians embark on the journey of discipleship and sanctification, the local church community assumes a crucial role as a space for encouragement, support, and inspiration.

OA Africa envisions tens of thousands of young disciples rising to carry forward the Great Commission to its completion, echoing the biblical verse, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” – Matthew 24:14.