Olivet Assembly of East Africa Holds the Last Membership Training of 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya

Olivet Assembly of East Africa Holds the Last Membership Training of 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya

Olivet Assembly of East Africa holds the 5th membership training in Nairobi, Kenya, with totally 8 attendees from Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and DR Congo. The attendees trains themselves both spiritually and physically, mentored by missionaries. They begin each day with morning prayers, attend morning services, listen to sermons and meditate on the Word of God in the morning. Through the study of the Exodus and the Sermon on the Mount, they grow spiritually understanding how God leads his people and what kind of life God’s people need to live. In the afternoons, they evangelize and teach the Bible to the students.

At the beginning of the week, they set goals and plans and end the week with a sharing and wrap-up meeting to see how God is leading each of them. Since they come from different countries, they have different languages, different food and culture. In the training time, some of them get challenges about language and other brothers said though they speak mother language is more comfortable, they have willing to speak more English. One brother shared this kind of communication that everyone wants to listen to others carefully is a communication of love. How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to live together in unity!

They’ve seen their lives change since they’ve been in Olivet Assembly. Zacharias shared he used to hardly go to church, but his life changed completely after he came Kigali Emmanuel Church of Olivet Assembly, even his friends asked him why he goes to church service on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday to pray. And he learned to prepare himself well before the service and offer the service as a separate and holy service.

Eddy shared how he experienced God in his whole life, and he was determined to serve Him. He came to our church to study the Bible for a period of time but because his work was quite tiring, he didn’t come to study the Bible for more than a month, but during that time God always reminded him not to forget his promise to God. Then he fasted and prayed for three days and decided to spend more time studying God’s Word and serving Him. He said that Olivet is God’s answer to his prayer.

Pacific shared how his focus in life changed after coming to Olivet Assembly. He used to focus on trying to get more money. In Rwanda young people preaching gospel is considered a foolish thing to do, but when he came to Olivet Assembly he was amazed to see many young people are living a lifestyle in the Lord, and through studying the Bible his focus gradually changed, and he also wanted to share God’s love to many souls.

Thank God for His grace in leading many young people to come here for training and bringing them up. May God continue to raise up many souls in East Africa who are willing to go for Him and courage them bring the pure gospel to many souls who are waiting on God!