Nairobi Gratia Church Holds Mission Conference After First Sunday Service of the Second Half Year of 2023

July 2´╝îNairobi Gratia church gave the first Sunday service of the second half year of 2023.

They worship and praise God for His grace and guidance in their lives, and meditated the Word from Matthew 9:9-13 “The Calling of Matthew”.

Jesus came to the world to call the sinners, not righteous. Matthew was a tax collector who was hated by people, regarded as an ugly sinner, but as he recognized that he needs a savior he could follow Jesus immediately and became a disciple of Jesus. To recognize that I am a sinner is very important for our salvation. God is willing to come and save us when we are asking His mercy and forgiveness.

Brother Oscar joined Sunday service as his second time of joining Sunday service after some weeks. He is a neighbor of the church and a college student and he joined the church through joining a mini retreat a few months ago.

After the service, the leaders of the church gathered for a mission conference. They discussed the mission work in Kenya, and Missionary Caleb shared the plan and goal for Kenya mission in the second half of 2023. They hope to co-work together and achieve the goal of 24 leader and pioneering 3 major cities in Kenya in this year.

May God give them the heart of God and wisdom and bring the revival in Kenya!