”Ascension,” Kitwe Gratia Church Holds 1st Sunday Service of May

On 1st May 2022, Kitwe Gratia Church held the first Sunday service of May with 23 people in attendance. The message was shared by brother Matthew from the book of Acts 1:1-11.

The Acts of the Apostles was written by a man named Luke. In the opening passage, Luke suggests that he is writing yet another book for a person named Theophilus. However, we may wonder who this mysterious person is? The name “Theo” and Philus mean God and the verb to love. It carries this deep meaning of loving God. The passage may appear as if Luke is writing this book for a specific person. However, it is truly dedicated to the person who loves God. He is leaving this precious record of the Acts of the Apostles for you and me and anyone who loves God.

If we never act on the truth and follow the Word of God in our lives, then nothing will change. We should not be Christians who only sit and wait for the coming of Jesus to take place. However, we should be busy with the work of saving souls. Apostle Paul also encourages that we work. He writes about busybodies that didn’t evangelize or serve in any way. But we should entrust all things to God and follow the commission He has entrusted to us.

Anyone who asks can receive the Holy Spirit. Peter explains that anyone who has obedience towards the truth can receive the Spirit of Truth in their life. He also explains that we must long for it. As disciples of Christ, we must have a deep longing for this grace in our lives.

(Written By Matthews)