“Peace with God,” Kitwe Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service

On 10th April 2022, Kitwe Gratia church held a Sunday service with 17 members in attendance including 3 newcomers. The message was shared by Matthews from Romans 5:1-2.

Paul is explaining the Gospel here in a very simple way, the very basic, and in a very important way to show how we are saved through the Gospel. Starting from this chapter, everything that Paul is talking about only applies to Christians.

Paul talked about the great work that Jesus has done carrying our sin and giving us His righteousness. We were sinners. In Romans chapter 3, Paul explains that the whole world is polluted with sin. We’re corrupt with sin, and there is nothing that anybody can do about it. We were rotting in our sin.

But then, from the end of chapter 3, he explains that righteousness has been made known through Jesus, there is hope in Jesus, And so once we accept that love of God, then everything inside of us changes. Our whole life completely changes. Our sin is being accounted for. We are justified.

All the sins we committed were like a debt, our sin was just piling up, and we were to continue to live with this guilt, and with this burden of sin. But when we become justified, when we receive God’s love in our hearts, then all of that debt is canceled. All of our debts go back to zero. God blesses us abundantly. This is everything that God has done for us and the blessing that we have through Jesus.

Paul says that Jesus came and preached peace to us. It means that peace has been made for everyone. Both the Jews and the Gentiles, whoever you are, peace has been made. Making peace is not simple. If you have a conflict with someone, or if you think about conflicts between countries, it’s very complicated, it’s not simple, but through Jesus, peace has been made.

It says the dividing wall has been destroyed, that wall that separated man from God because of our rebellion has been destroyed, and the two have become one. Through Jesus, we have this good news, this good news of the Gospel.

(Written By Matthews)