“Father and the Son,” Kitwe Grata Church Hold Sunday Service

On 3rd April 2022, Kitwe Grata church held a Sunday service with 17 attendees which commenced with prayer and worship. Brother Matthews served the sermon on the topic of “the Father & the Son” from John 14:8-14. He explained that Philip was asking Jesus to show them the Father because Jesus mentioned His Father repeatedly, His good works, His teachings, the miracle, and the wonders He had performed, were always related to the Father.

Philip wanted to see what the father looks like, but Jesus’ answer was unexpected and confusing. Jesus answered, “Philip don’t you know me all this time I have been among you”. He didn’t start talking about the Father, Jesus talked as the Father.

In the lifetime of Jesus Christ on earth, He had never lived His own will. From the beginning of His coming, all His ministries, and even His death were the will of the Father.¬†Jesus said, “Anyone who had seen me has seen the Father”. As the son lives in the father the father lives in the son and performed good works in the sun.

(Written By Matthews)