“Judas’ Betrayal (I),” Kitwe Gratia Church Hold First March Sunday Service

On 6th March 2022, Kitwe Gratia Church held the first Sunday service of March with 15 members in attendance. They meditated the Word of God from the book of John 13:2, Matthew 26-27.

What happened before Judas sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver? It says the disciples were indignant about the woman who broke the alabaster jar. What did the disciples have inside their hearts? What was their attitude? They were very just. They had compassion for the poor. Thus, the disciples rebuked the woman, ‘Why are you wasting the alabaster jar?’ But the disciples had a glaring problem of their own. The disciples should have understood Christ’s love and mercy more than anyone else, yet they did not know the deep world of love at all. They seemed very ‘just,’ but the world of deep love was not opened to them.

This woman’s act of breaking her most precious thing was like the life of the Lord who emptied Himself and gave even His own life, loving us and redeeming us from our sins. The Lord testified to her to the disciples.

We need to understand deeply about love because Christianity is a religion of love. What Jesus was trying to teach his disciples, as he brought them here and there, was precisely this: God’s love. Luke 15 features three parables: The Parable of the Lost Sheep, The Parable of the Lost Coin, and The Parable of the Lost Son. Through these three parables, we learn God’s love. That love is reckless and foolish. The word of God’s love cannot be opened by rational judgment and calculation.

How can one sheep be more precious than ninety-nine sheep? Or how can you throw a feast costing more than the one drachma you found back? And in The Parable of the Lost Son, why do you throw a bigger feast for the second son who left home and squandered everything than for the eldest son who dutifully kept the household? The father’s great mercy toward the second son was reckless. Rationally, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Lastly, Matthews shared, “From this message, I received a lot of Grace and learn about the love of this woman and it’s my prayer that God can help to understand deeply upon this message,” he shared.

(Written By Matthews)