Africa Conference ‘Let Us Overcome February’

Africa leaders urged to do their best for the remaining 3 days of February Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared the message of temptation to approve the faith of the Son of God. They shared the news of victory for OC South Asia and encouraged us to keep praying to finish the G20 mission network.

OAA shared the testimony of OC Zambia that there are a lot of spiritual gifts after they e
in the guidance of Elim HQ and go evangelism and teaching the words of God for evangelism and gives good challenges to all staff of OC.

When the temptation comes in life, we can overcome it by the words of God. Jesus was using only the old messages but enough to overcome the temptation. OAA encouraged us to make testimony when we are fighting in this season to do evangelism and expending the church in the pandemic situation, by faith.

OAA shared the stories of faith in the bible that the power of faith comes from the obedience and humble heart to know our weakness to rely on God. The Canaanite women and Centurion of Roma were humbled to know the power of Jesus. Also, Luke 17:5-10 and Mark 9:20~24 shared to increase the faith in the middle of receiving temptation.