“Redeemed By The Blood,” Kitwe Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service

On 13th February 2022, Kitwe Gratia church held Sunday service with 21 members including 3 visitors in which Brother Matthews encouraged them about being redeemed by the blood.

What is the key to salvation? It is the blood of Jesus. We may ask how this blood of Jesus Christ could bring any impact on my sins and how this act of the Lord can be relevant to my sin as we are living in an era far distanced from where Jesus was and when he lived and died. What does the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the son of God who died more than two thousand years ago, have to do with my sins today? It is by “Faith” that narrows the gap and lets the blood of Jesus save my soul today.

Let’s look into what faith is. Faith is accepting the love of Jesus Christ who entered this sinful world after giving up his glory in heaven and died on the Cross. When this love of Christ is received into your heart, you are justified. That is why the central point of Soteriology in Christianity is justification by faith meaning being saved by accepting the love of Jesus Christ.

The acceptance of the Lord’s love is a fundamental change in our souls beyond just the intellectual and moral dimensions. Of course, we can also be moved by the moral acts of Jesus who loved neighbors and showed mercy. However, the cosmic salvation of all mankind brought by the death of Jesus on the cross goes beyond this ethical sense of morality.

A cross is a universal event in which the relationship between God and man was fundamentally restored through Jesus Christ. Our first ancestor, Adam, disobeyed God and abandoned God’s truth, which led all humanity subject to hostility with God. This universal relationship was redeemed through the reconciling act of the Lord.

(Written By Matthews)