“Knowing And Believing,” Ndola Revival Church Sunday Service

On February 6th, Ndola Revival Church 13 members including 2 newcomers in attendance had a Sunday service.

Brother Thomson shared the message, there is a difference between knowing and believing, we may know the Gospel but it does not mean that we believe in it, many people learn about the Gospel and understand it but it is very rare that many believe, we should know the right way of believing, it is when we first hear and then open our hearts to receive the Gospel and then retain it which means that we keep it.

Immediately when we hear we need to practice it. What is in between knowing and believing is faith, we can only have faith if we have knowledge of what we are believing in as faith comes by hearing and hearing is the Gospel which is the message about Christ.

They received two newcomers by the names of Gilbert who wrote Grade 12 last year and Nicolas who is in Grade in grade 11 this year and they made the program to start having Bible study this week online and offline, please pray for them as we can reap a harvest in them.