Ndola Revival Church Hold Sunday Service, Romans 5:12-21

On 2nd January 2022, Revival Church held a Sunday service with 12 members attended, and the message was delivered by Brother Thomson from Romans 5:12-21 “By one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous.”

We need to understand how can a man be made righteous and where righteousness is found, it is only through Jesus. Through His obedience, the whole world received salvation and this salvation comes by believing In Jesus, those who don’t believe are already condemned and what awaits them is eternal punishment.

He further cautioned the members that Adam sinned and all world was condemned, but Christ obeyed and the all world became righteous. The main focus is having new life in Jesus Christ and the righteousness of God manifested in Jesus Christ.

If we don’t believe in Jesus and the justification of God given to us through Him, then we are going to face the eternal punishment which is death, therefore we should accept the new life found in Jesus Christ.

After the sermon, they also prayed together shortly to receive and accept this gift of love from God.

(Written By Mary)