“Whom Do You Run With,” Kitwe Gratia Church Sunday Service

On December 6, 2021, Kitwe Gratia church held Sunday service with 7 attendance, and the message was shared by brother Benson and the church meditated from the book of 1 Corinthians 9:24-26.

After listening to the message, the members came to realize that it’s very important to know whom they are running with. Because in a race, there are so many people who are running, but it depends on the person who will run fast and get to a finishing line where the reward is. We should be the first to win.

The preacher cited Ephesians 4: 27. Do not give a devil a foothold, in other words, a chance, the race that you have started today are competing with many people; some are from the kingdom of the devil, and they’re trying to make you to backside, they want you to lose focus running the race of Christianity. We need to know that we are surrounded by so many witnesses some they’re wanting our downfall and others for victory.

How can we run a race of our Christianity? First, we need to have Christ Jesus, He is the one who will help us to run fast. Then, we need to run with Scripture because the Word of God is the weapon to defend ourselves and it is a right to our foot.