“Slaves to the Righteousness of God,” Zambia Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service

On 7th November 2021, Kitwe Gratia church held a Sunday service with the attendants of 11 including 3 students, the message was shared by brother Benson from the book of Romans 6:15-23.

One is not a slave to anything but to the righteousness of God. We are not slaves to sin anyone therefore we need to walk freely, for we are not slaves to anyone but to God who saved us through His Son Jesus Christ who brought freedom to those who have believed in Him.

When one man sinned, we were living under the slave of sin and law, but when one man died for us, we are not under the law of sin but the grace of God. When we obey someone, we are a slave to the one whom we obeyed. If one obeyed to sin, then sin is the master to him.

Thank God mankind is now a new creature, the old has gone and the new has come. We are living in the grace of God for man has been set free from sin and has become slaves of God, and the benefits we reap lead to holiness, and the result is eternal life. But for the wages of sin is death, thank today we have received eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.