OF Africa Begins New Month with New Hearts and Visions to Harvest

Olivet Fellowships in Africa ended the Month of October with thankful hearts and the leaders could reflect and review the fruits of their works during the WGA time. They set their hearts on the new month and hope to harvest heavily.

During a weekly prayer meeting, Minister Anu, YEF Africa leader shared the message from the book of Roman 2, the sin of believers which asked the leaders and the fellowship members to review their hearts and cleanse themselves from all sin and begin anew in the new more so that they can bear fruits.

The leaders and Volunteers were later exhorted to repent and cling to the promises of God and work diligently sharing in the vision that God has given through the leaders to fulfill God’s will for the young people in Africa continent, guiding and leading them to God’s Salvation.

Sister Nhler, AM South Africa Volunteer who led the prayer session could then guide the member and leaders praying for various fellowships and members’ personal prayer needs powerfully and gracefully.