Nairobi Gratia Church welcome New Participant for Sunday Service

On November 7th, Nairobi Gratia Church had a graceful Sunday service. For the service a new person, Naomi, joined the service. Naomi was evangelized by the family of Stephen and Loyce. When Stephen and Loyce were serving at another church, Naomi was also serving God together with them there. Then later Stephen and Loyce started to serve God at Nairobi Gratia Church but Naomi was struggling to find another church. By God’s guidance, Naomi was introduced to Nairobi Gratia Church a few times then she joined again the Sunday service at Nairobi Gratia Church in the beginning of November. Even she also joined the youth fellowship by AM Africa at the previous day. She shared that she seemed to experience the Holy Spirit for the time of service.

Beside of it, they also had a lunch fellowship time for I.P.(intern pastor) Livingstone, before he leaves for Zambia. I.P. Livingstone came to Nairobi Gratia Church last December and he served for around 11 months. Then he was appointed to serve for the kingdom of God in Zambia then he would leave for Zambia by or before 13th of November. Many people receive a lot of grace of God through the service and the lunch fellowship. Let’s pray God for Nairobi Gratia Church continually, so then the history of revival can be happening there.