Africa Focusing on Establishment of 4 OCs in Short Time

Africa leaders shared about mass evangelism and establishing G20 countries first with Olivet Centers(OC). Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared about the online evangelism of OC Colombia and the G20 establishment. They urged to make clear goals with counting numbers and finding ways to establish leadership in a short time.

Africa leaders need to work with clear goals that they do not make clear statics of numbers of members. OC Colombia case giving good lessons to make a clear goal of numbers of member and even times of lesson.

They shared the case study of the basic issue of online evangelism; – How can we find regular students, – How many lectures we can teach, – How can we give intensive lessons to raise them to CM and leaders. Mostly, we ask ourselves that how can we make it in a short time.

OAA urged to establish G20 as well with Olivet Fellowships in OC in Africa. They will discuss it together and move forward to M40 countries, and receiving 30th anniversaries with 153 countries in continuation.