“Joseph Being Sold by His Brothers,” Zambia Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service

On 31st October, Gratia Church held Sunday service with 9 attendants, and the sermon was shared by Brother Matthew from the book of Genesis 40-45.

The Bible says that Joseph was the man of dreams or visions and because of this, his brothers were against him. For he was led by the Spirit of God that his family will bow down before Joseph, they were so angry and planned to just kill Joseph, but one of the brothers said, “No, but let us just sell him as a salve.”

When he became a slave in Egypt, because of some misunderstanding, they kept Joseph in prison as a prisoner. One day, among the prisoners there, had a dream and Joseph interpreted them what the dream meant and asked him to remember Joseph.

When the king had a dream, by the grace of God, the prisoner remembered Joseph and told Pharaoh about him. Then Pharaoh called Joseph out from the prison, God has started to make the way for Joseph.

In the path of faith, people may be against us because we are having visions. Because they want to destroy our vision, but we are encouraged that no matter our families shall stand and insult us but we will continue to preach the Gospel of God until the ends of the earth according to the mission that God has called us for.