Africa Conference ‘The Way to Follow Jesus’

Africa leaders held a conference and shared about shepherding the way to following Jesus. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) missionary James Lee shared the message about the 2nd part and 3rd part of John 21. Africa leaders organized the conference schedule to use 3 hours in the morning for Africa GA.

Since WGA is starting this week, leaders need to focus on church planting and membership. Also, they are busy making the presentation. Zambia leaders made the presentation after their retreat program and other ministries were sending the presentation of the 2021 year.

OAA shared that WGA is to focus on the 153 Global missions and focusing on evangelism and shepherding. The early church faced changing of generations and lost direction because they are self-centered without evangelism and the Lord is not coming yet. John 21 is speaking to the early church and at the same time speaking to us of today.

We need to be a shepherd if we love Jesus more than the others of the world and even our family. The shepherd is taking care of the sheep of the Lord.

Some People are just waiting for the Lord but we need to do the great commission to follow Jesus. The great commission is to make the Kingdom of God come. That is telling us to go and preach, baptizing and teaching. The Lord is coming with his righteousness. His Kingdom and his righteousness.