Retreats in Africa Bearing Fruits Before 29th WGA

Africa moving forward the fruition through retreats before WGA 29th. Zambia held a week of membership training with young leaders and AM Africa held an international online retreat last Friday. YEF Africa also held a mini online retreat two weeks ago to collect members. Africa leaders are preparing their presentation for WGA this week after the retreat.

Zambia held its first retreat and finished the book of Acts by recording voice through of online library. They were busy writing reflections on bible study, evangelism, and prayer meeting. They are preparing a presentation of WGA for each ministry after finishing the retreat.

The members gave testimony about the retreat program that they received so much grace and got strength from one week. They were tired to listen to the message and writing reflection but gained strength during the time and the prayer meeting was really encouraged them.

Many Africa members joined from Africa to AM international retreat last Saturday. They came from Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya. They study the book of Romans and African members were interesting to join the bible online study and activities.

YEF Africa also held the retreat and they receive new members of Nigerian and Ghanan and South Africa. They prepare regular bible studies for every month.