Recover the Original Image of God in You: Kenya AM Mini-Retreat

AM held a mini-retreat in Nairobi Kenya today Saturday, October 16th. A three hours program covered a Bible study on God’s creation with the major focus on the Image of God. There were eight (8) in attendance as AM also launched a weekly series on the 4 Spiritual laws intending to set up a local chapter representative (VM) before the end of October
Amid uncertainty due to students’ unstable class and examination schedules, AM organized a retreat to gather 15 youths for Bible study however only 7 (George, Silas, Clevins, Peter, Alex, Morgan, and Ernest) out of the 30 invitations sent were able to attend. The leader was not expecting the number of attendance to be over 5 on Friday as most of the students that were invited from a nearby higher institution all sent a notification of their sudden unavailability due to a scheduled program at their school at the last minute. However, the number exceeded his expectations
The study covered the Creation of God with a major theme coming from Genesis 1:27, the image of God. We were created by God through love to have a love relationship with him, but through sin, we were lost and our relationship with God is broken. We have become enemies of God, but through Christ, we want to recover our lost image and let our broken relationship with God be mended.
“It was a wonderful moment to study the Word of God with the brothers, their eagerness and zeal to understand the Word of God was motivating to me”, Livingstone that led the teaching reflected. After the study students reflected on their hearts of Love and prayed together.
During the program, Brother Silas led the program, Clevins led the praise, worship, and prayer while George was in charge of preparations and other ushering (give guidance) before, during, and after the program. After the Bible study, Livingstone during a meal fellowship made AM presentation.
Though no one could be registered as a member today, a weekly program is confirmed and students cannot wait to come back to continue. The leaders hope that number of attendance next week will double today’s attendance.

AM continues to pray to set up a Volunteer in Kenya before the end of Octob