Africa Conference ‘The Season of Harvest’

Africa Leaders held a conference and shared about the season of harvest. Olivet Assembly of Africa shared about two main focuses; Fruits and planting church before the WGA 29th. They shared the message to do harvest in time with the heart of a true shepherd like Jesus Christ has compassion on the crowds of people, from Matthew 9:35-38.

OC Nigeria having the 2nd payment this week. Africa will finish the 4 mainframes for the continent with Nigeria OC. That’s why we need evangelism to fulfill OCs and having many fruits in the ministries. Africa needs to ask the staff and leaders to pioneering M40 countries. Africa ministries are focusing on the online and onsite retreat programs.

Preaching was presenting 3 main ministry works of Jesus Christ, according to Mark 1:38. Preaching is evangelism to save one more soul. Jesus was saying to ask workers for the harvest. Because the season is already done but workers are few. Disciples of Jesus need to be workers and we need to ask more workers

We need to sow and reap for the harvest. Psalms 126 is the song of entering the temple when Israel people remembering the time under the colonization and by another country, because idols entered to the Israel and God gave them up. Ezekiel 37 is also showing that they divided by receiving idols but God told the prophet to make two of them one. Only the Spirit gives life but the flesh count for nothing.

People who came back to Israel come to the temple again. That’s why we need to focus on planting a church as the church is the body of Christ, the key to entering heaven, and the house of prayer to meet God.

Our church needs to teach the 4 spiritual laws as well as history. The lesson of eschatology is about history and judgment. It is the last lesson that Jesus shared from the most urgent moment. Those who commit to the Kingdom of God are following the great commission. How much we were working for His Kingdom will be the answer of us when we finish our life and go in front of God.

The heart of Jesus was basically compassion to the crowds of people. People are wondering without shepherds. Evangelism is looking for the people of God prepared already for us in the city. We need to see the desire of asking waters the souls.