OA Kenya Weekly Highlights: OC, School, Evangelism & Members Grow

Olivet Assembly of Kenya leaders for the Church, ministries, and fellowships continues to strive to fulfill the goals set beforehand. This week we highlight the progress of the OC EAF and the School project, evangelism, and members’ growth and development through Bible study and involvement in Church and mission work.

Recently OA East Africa (Olivet Assembly of East Africa Federation) with the HQ situated in Kenya could reserve the name Olivet Academy East Africa. As they started the procedures to register the school names last week; Olivet Academy and Olivet Seminary. By God’s guidance, they could reserve Olivet Academy East Africa finally after they went through many attempts. And they could receive no objection letter from the ministry of education, now they remain with deciding the proprietors of the school name to receive the certificate of registration. They are also working to set up the foundations to operate the schools as a non-profit organization, so then they can operate the schools to help many people and raise many young leaders among them, instead of operating as profit-making purposed schools.

They plan to operate the school receiving half amount of school fees comparing with other schools around the area. And as they teach the students the Bible every morning, they hope to raise many young leaders for the kingdom of God too. They will also guide the students to serve God at the chapel and the church, so then the students can grow in God. They also plan to set up Olivet Seminary with the hope to guide many of the graduate students from Olivet Academy to enter Olivet Seminary, so then they can continue to study about God and they can grow continually to become leaders for God’s kingdom in our community.

In the Church mission, the members of Gratia church gathered on Wednesday and Friday. During the Friday prayer meeting, they meditated Romans 5:1-5 “The Privileges of the Believers After Justification”. Pastor Jane asked them “Do you have peace and joy in your heart? As Christians who are born again, I want us to meditate on the privileges of being justified.

The members, teens, and children continue with Bible study to grow in faith and lay a good foundation for the second generation. Sunday School and teens gathered on Saturday and learn also from the Word of God.