OA EAF Strategize to Operate School Ministry for Great Mission Expansion

On September 26th, after Sunday service the leaders for the school ministry at OA EAF (Olivet Assembly of East Africa Federation) discussed especially how to operate the schools to bring the great expansion of the mission. Firstly they agreed to pray for the school place. After all the physical preparatory work is done, they will be focusing on the matters of how to operate the schools to bring the great revival of mission in East Africa.

They would recruit the students as a private Christian school. It means they would give the condition from the first to every student that all the students should join the Bible studies every morning. And through a scholarship program, they would try to promote the students to study both the Bible and the academic courses diligently. And they will try to set up the church or the chapel at a close place to the school, so then the students can also practice serving God on Sundays too.

They also shared about how the registration process of the school names is going on nowadays. Please pray for the school ministry of OA EAF continually, so then the school ministry and mission can bring great synergy effects toward each other.