Africa Leaders ‘Standing Firm on Foundation of Jesus’

Africa leaders held a conference and shared a message of the foundation of the church from 1Corinthians 3:10-15. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared that to stand firm on the foundation of Jesus. Currently, the most concern about our church is evangelism as we are toward 29th Anniversary and last month is starting this week. We have been building the structure of the region and ministries, and we preparing construction for next year.

They shared also the guidance of 1Corintians 9:16-27 that Paul’s mission spirit to win one more soul and join the gospel. Minister’s spirit required a high standard of free will to be a slave to everyone to win one more soul. He was like a person under the Law when he talks to the Jew, and he was like a person who does not have the Law when he was talking to the gentiles. He fought to beat the target and run the race with direction.

Our church built OCs for 12 regional Oliver Center(OC) and G20 countries and built the HQ of each ministry. And next year is going to make the construction include WEA and even Zambia churches.

When we are feeling wondering ourselves and does not move forward, then we need to think ourselves if our mission lost the direction and identity. Our direction is the great commission to make the Kingdom of God and our identity is a fisher of man. The fisher of man is extended to the great commission that winning soul to baptize them.

The main scripture is talking about the foundation of the church is Jesus and we need to pass the test of fire to receive rewards. The foundation of the church is Jesus and our foundation need to be strong to do not shake with increasing waters. The church cannot build with money or wood or straws. But we need to build on the rock. The church is God’s dwelling place and the house of prayer. We must stand firm on Jesus.

Jesus was also talking about the judgment from Luke 13. The blessings are coming from whether we obey the words of God or not. God is opening the era of blessings and we need to remember God even if we are prosperous and live a well-being life. That’s why we need to pass the test of fire.