Zambia Revival Church Hold Sunday Service, ‘Be Strong in the Lord’

On 26th September, Zambia Revival church held a Sunday service with 23 members and 2 visitors. The Bible study was shared by brother Kelly about the Gospel from the book of Romans 1:2-4, and the preaching was delivered by brother Thomson from the book of Exodus 14:10-28 about, “Be Strong in the Lord.”

Brother Kelly shared that, the Gospel of God was already promised before Jesus came into this world. The Gospel means good news or a good message. The Gospel is very important to each and every life because it is the news of victory that Christ has overcome all the power of sin. 

The Gospel did not just come out by accident. The Gospel given to us was testified by God’s prophets. Not only that, there were so many promises given to us through many prophets, and as following that, the Gospel came to us. 

At the main sermon, brother Thomson shared that when the Israel people saw the Egyptians, they were afraid and they were forgetting about God’s power. But as Christian today, we don’t need to be afraid of something which kills the body, but the spirit. 

Israelites were complaining when they found themselves in challenges, but as people who believe in Jesus, we must not complain about our life. The power, protection, and glory of God manifested when the Israelites found themselves in difficulties. God is always with us, and He is always protecting us from evil ones. The most important thing is to believe and to follow the direction of God.