“True Freedom,” Zambia Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service

On 26th September, Zambia Gratia church held a Sunday service with 13 attendants including two visitors. The Bible study was shared by brother Matthews about being born again and the main sermon was shared by teacher Ivy. Below is the summary of teacher Ivy’s message.

From the time man sinned against God, freedom was gone. Therefore God promises the world that He will send His Son to bring salvation in this world. From the book of Genesis, Joseph was born in a family with 12 sons and his brother sold him and he was in prison, but God was with him. 

This prison is not only to Joseph but also to us we can be in prison spiritually without knowing that we are in prison. For us to be free from this prison, we need to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and He’s the one who sets us free. Without him we are nothing.

We have received this freedom through our Lord Jesus. We were in prison but we have received the Savior to save our lives from the prison. The biggest prison that we have is sin, therefore, we need God’s promise (salvation) and we need to receive Jesus Christ so that we can be free from every prison and have peace.