OF Africa Unites in Prayer to Breakthrough before WGA

Olivet Fellowships (AM, YEF, and OTM) in Africa united for a joint prayer meeting this Sunday. With all sharing visions and goals to fill the G20 and M40, the leaders and members continue in the unity of prayer to set up either of the RCMs, VMs and to gain a stable Bible study student with hope to set up more members this month.

As the leadership group continues to pray for the settling of the OCs (EAF OC and Nigeria), the chapter leaders also shared their respective prayer points and in unity. YEF Zambia shared, “in order to establish three chapters soon, for Kitwe, Ndola and Lusaka chapters to grow more and find helpers and leaders for those chapters”. YEF Ghana set goal to register 15 members by the end of the month and YEF Kenya for the VM Christine to be strengthened in faith and that she will grow more in Christ

YEF Africa asked prayer for the fulfillment of all goals by the end of the month, leaders and members to grow in faith and be on fire for the Lord, evangelism in Ethiopia, DRC, and Mozambique that we can find two stable students from those regions Bible study students to grow well and be changed by the Word of God Wisdom and time management skills.

AM Africa also asked for God’s guidance, strength, and wisdom to fill the G20 and the M40 and grace, wisdom, and strength to carry on with evangelism and Bible teaching by all the VMs and new potential leaders and also the spiritual growth of the members and the commitment and understanding to the current Bible students