“Walking in the Light,” Zambia Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service

On 12th September, Zambia Gratia Church held a Sunday service with 9 attendants. The message was shared by Ivy from the book of John 12:35-36. We need to walk in the light. Who is the light? The light is referred to His Son Jesus Christ our Lord into this world.

This was a time when Jesus was with His disciples teaching them how they need to walk and what to have during in their way which is the light of God. We can hope this light through Christ Jesus who says, “I am the light of the world whoever comes to me will find life and he will show in the darkness and the darkness will fill to overcome it.”

If a person has the light of God he can go long because the light shall be shown on his feet or his path. Many believers are going down today because they have not seen the light, and Satan takes over them, therefore we need to put our trust in Him who gives life.

A child of God walks with the light of God in his life and he puts all he had into Christ and starts living a righteous life, and Satan can’t overtake him anymore because he is a child of God.