Africa Preparing Administration of 4 OCs

Africa leaders had a conference and shared the grace of God for Nigeria Olivet Center(OC) and Zambia OC plan includes Oliver Seminary(OS). Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared that Nigeria is going to take the place of OC in the school so that they go together with the project of 300 Olivet Academy Schools.

Each of Africa’s 4 OCs needs to set up the administration of OS for evangelism. The administration of OS needs to have a clear goal to make Member a fruit of works. The team is requiring to make effective evangelism that ‘Sowing’ and ‘reaping’ could come together in one place.

One person needs to preparing content and curriculum while another one is teaching and preaching. One person needs to manage members while another one keeps watching with updating, responding, giving guidance, and mentoring. The administration system will carry online members to see face-to-face.

Updating Vernet of National pages is emphasized for Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, and Nigeria. They were encouraged to move with the goal of WGA’s 29th anniversary as WOA GO preparing for 4 tracks of presentation for this year.