“You Are Loved,” Zambia Revival Church Hold Sunday Service

On 15th August, Zambia Revival Church held a Sunday service with a total of 20 participants who were encouraged to love for they are also loved. 

The sermon was delivered by intern pastor Joanna from the book of 1 John 4:7-19 with the theme, ‘You are loved’. She explained how everyone has been saved through God’s love for them and this love is not just for people who are in the world but also for those who have been saved from the world.

“Many people have fear, especially after receiving Salvation. They get to think that God will punish them for their mistake that is why they always run into hiding instead of going to God, but this attitude needs to change for the love that God has is the same for all. Jesus was not sent to judge us but to save us from sin, therefore if we miss a mark we must not hide but we need to repent and God will wash us clean from sin”, she shared.

They later called for prayer and fasting with the theme, ‘Purify me Lord’, on Wednesday which will start at 9 am till 6 pm for all members. They later asked for prayers from all saints for God to help all the members of Revival Church and the leaders with the strength to complete their prayer and fasting in unity and with thanksgiving.