“By His Death, We Are Redeemed,” Zambia Gratia Church Hold Sunday Service

On 8th August, Zambia Gratia church held Sunday service with an attendance of 5. The message was shared by Brother Benson from the book of Romans 6:10-11.

Jesus’ death on the cross was effective because He had taken upon the sins of the world once for all through His death. Jesus Christ came to this earth to blot out the sins of all humanity. He died because of the sins of the world, the death of Jesus was suffering for all human beings.

He came to save us from eternal death. Because of our sins, He suffered Himself. Jesus Christ, yet He died for us even though He has not committed any sin, this is the great love of Jesus who was also crucified and rose from the dead again. As such, His death was the truth of everlasting love He fulfilled before God the Father.

We must know exactly how Jesus Christ has saved us from our iniquities and believe in it. Jesus saved us from all of our sins by accepting them through His death and by being condemned for them on the cross, therefore, we died with Jesus Christ and we’re brought to life with Him.