Africa Conference ‘Diligence and M40’

Africa leaders held a conference and shared a message to save time for the vision of M40. Eastern Africa Federation(EAF) presented the progress toward M40 countries include Ethiopia and D.R.Congo.

OAA shared the direction of mission toward M40 from G20 starting from Zambia. EAF praying for or Ethiopia and praying for D.R.Congo and Facebook page for Ethiopia.

They urged leaders to wake up leaders to save time toward WGA with waking up leaders and focusing on the mission direction. Especially, they encouraged the new General Secretary of Olivet Assembly(OA) of Zambia to lead Zambia ministers as well.

The wisdom is always emphasizing the truth that “there is time in everything” and ‘ the end and ‘the judgment’. The ‘fear of God’ is also in consideration of facing judgment and they train themselves to remember that every man is the same at the house of mourning.

And God is counting the numbers for the fulfillment of promise like the parable of Shrewd manager. Our time needs to fit into the time of God. We need to realize there is what we can do before finish our job and need to do show favor and generosity to the people with wordily wealth.