“How To Over Come The Temptation,” Zambia Gratia Church Holds Sunday Service

On 25th July, Zambia Gratia Church held Sunday service, and the message was shared by brother Benson from the book of Genesis 3:1-9.

We need to run away from sin and what is evil. Many times when we sin, we think the relationship of us and God is over, but God is still looking on us and if we can repent, He forgives us. God is so merciful to us for sent His Son Jesus Christ to come and redeem everyone who believes in the Gospel of salvation.

But of Satan, he is seeking whom he can die together. The reason why Satan rules in us is because we don’t know the Word of God enough. So it is very important for us to know the Word of God more and more because Satan is very cunning that he can use the same word of God to deceive us.

We need to overcome Satan by the Word of God and through the testimony of Jesus Christ, what He has done on the cross in order for us to become righteous and to have the power to stand with our Father God. We overcome this sin by the blood of Jesus Christ now we are righteous before God.