Nairobi Gratia Church Held Sunday Service

Nairobi Gratia Church Sunday service continues to grow in attendance with five (5) newcomers this week. The sermon was delivered from Mathew 18:1-5, the greatest in God’s Kingdom should be like a child and should be a servant of all like Christ.

Jesus taught His disciples to be like children if they want to inherit The Kingdom of heaven. Children have absolute trust and faith, they are completely dependent on their parents for protection and provision and this is the way that Christ wants us to be. To have absolute trust and faith in God our father, to rely upon and completely depend on Him so in this way He can guide and teach us the right way to follow leading us to eternal life.

Through craving pure spiritual milk, we can be able to grow in our salvation and become true sons of God. 1 Peter 2:2. we should not live as the world does, seeking for greatness but rather follow the teachings of Jesus and become slaves unto others serving through our lives so that in the end we can be exalted and be the first in God’s Kingdom, Mathew 20:20-21, 24-28.

Through members’ evangelism, five visitors Lucy, Jasmine, Annex, Lillian, and Charity (4 students) that were evangelized through Church members Christine, George, and Hanis. God is using members as they begin to evangelize to invite more people to the Church

With prayers, God is beginning to open doors for a great harvest in Kenya Mission. The leaders hope they can be more prepared to receive the lambs of God and feed them well leading to their growth and become true disciples of Jesus