Africa Give Thanks For The Grace & Hope

Africa leaders held a conference and shared the hope of the 300 Olivet High School(OHS) project. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) explained about the grace of God toward the Africa continent that there are ministries preparing to support to give hope to the Teen and youths of Africa.

OAA gave thank God that it is full of the grace of God that Africa is the 1st continent to receive the grace of God for the project. Africa mission will receive a new generation with this project with Zambia and Kenya first and South Africa, Nigeria, and the other countries.

What our church is going to do is to help and preach the gospel to the poor people. And this is for the joy of God that the angels of God in heaven rejoicing when a sinner repents and turns back, Luke 15:10 saying. This is what true gospel wants to do and a beautiful world is coming with this way.

The parable of Drachma is the meaning of the identity and talent that we need to find it again if we lost it. Our original identity is an image of God and when we restore it, a beautiful world is starting. The talent is for the benefit of the Kingdom of God. We need to find it diligently to make a work of God.