YEF Africa Takes a Beautiful Look Back on the First Half of the Year

Taking a retrospective look back from January 2021 until now, Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Africa cannot help but give thanks to God for his enduring mercy and faithfulness. YEF Africa Representative reminisces “I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by God’s mighty work in us, when I looked back all I could see were the places I failed and everything we didn’t accomplish and I felt so guilty.” She continues, “But my eyes were quickly opened to see God’s work through every step of the way and I feel truly blessed.”

In the first half of the year, YEF Africa gained a new Acting representative in the month of January and a revival of the fellowship in Africa began slowly. There was also increased online evangelism with each leader targetting students in their region through Facebook and Instagram and new students being gained. There was also improved communication between the Chapter leaders, YEF Africa, and YEF HQ. The improved communication further strengthened their networking with other regions, as well as with Olivet Fellowship Africa (OFA) and Olivet Assembly Africa (OAA). The leaders realized the importance of communication and networking with others to improve the mission overall, strengthen one another, and exchange ideas.

In the past six months, YEF Africa also held a variety of events and training programs to unite and teach the members and leaders the YEF identity. The first online praise and prayer night was held in March. There was also a Shepherding and Leadership training that took place from mid-April to early June in which the current chapter leaders participated and learned about shepherding, leading, evangelizing, teaching Bible studies, and so on. YEF Africa was also able to collaborate with other fellowships with such events as the Prayer Seminar hosted in collaboration with ELIM Africa.

Also, YEF Africa stabilized Article Writing and tried to update at least three articles weekly. It was a struggle at first, but slowly and surely they were able to diligently meet this standard. In terms of membership, YEF was able to gain eighteen new Bible Study students with most of them currently learning the Book of Romans. They also received four registered members and three volunteer members with one of the volunteer member-Maria from Ghana being the first fruit of YEF in West Africa. They were also able to complete the M4O Cyberfellowship websites and are now moving on to the next phase of editing.

Overall, YEF is thankful for God’s favor over their region and wants to continue to pray for and work together for the mission in Africa. They are repentant for not being able to fulfill the G20 Countries as well as gain any Members during this time but in the new month, they plan to go with prayer and persistent and breakthrough in the second half of the year.