Zambia Revival Church Holds First July Sunday Service

Revival Church holds its first Sunday service in July on 4th with participants who were encouraged not to allow the thorn in their flesh to lead them into self-condemnation, instead, it needs to help them continue to be humble.

The Bible study was given by an elder who recently joined the Church called Mr. Bwalya. The Bible study was about the order in the Church from the book of 1 Corinthians 14:33 where he said, “Where there is no order, there is always confusion. That is why it is important we as a Church to always be orderly in all our conducts for the God we serve is a God of order and not of confusion.”

Intern Pastor Joanna shared the sermon from the book of 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 where she explained that Apostle Paul was a man who was used by God in so many mighty ways. “Apart from Jesus, Paul is one of the most import people in the history of Christianity, and he was even given a vision of heaven as he was also an important person in the Kingdom of God but gave him a thorn in his flesh to enable him not to be pride,” she explained.

“We also have been given a thorn in our flesh, that is why we all have weaknesses. God wants us to remember time after time that we are only humans who always need the grace of God in all that we do as it is sufficient,” she shared.

Before the service was concluded they announced and planned for youth programs as they explained that the Church is strong only when the youths are strong. They managed to form the youth executive right after the ending of the service as the plan to start holding the fellowship the following Sunday.

They concluded upon asking for prayers from all the saints that God can help in growing Revival Church and through it, many leaders will be raised to build the Kingdom of God.