Africa Shared Vision of Teen and Youth Evangelism

Africa mission growing with shepherds and online evangelism of youth ministries. They held a weekly conference and shared reports and plans.

Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) checking the ownership with a lawyer to buy a plot for OHS in Lusaka city. They shared the vision of the shepherd to work together with OHS from the Shepherd Retreat. They gave testimony to Africa leaders that ” It was graceful as they are young but planting the heart of shepherd to take care of lambs and sheep to follow Jesus”. They preparing visas to go to Nigeria with one Intern Pastor. OAA restarted to teach Matthew 5-7 to 3 listeners including South African students.

Rwandan brother Pierre is getting a passport and they will lead him to come to Kenya. Olivet Fellowship(OF) Africa intern pastor Livingstone arrived in Kenya in safe this week. He organized the Sunday service of Gratia church and bible study programs.

YEF Africa organized YEF Rwanda leadership that two sisters, Valentine and Nadege, to begin to take care of the Rwanda chapter.

AM Africa created a new Instagram page for Nigeria and DRCongo. They made an Online bible study for each country for G20 countries and M40; EAF, Nigeria, DRCongo, and Zambia, and they will make for South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, and Mozambique. They working to set up Nhler of South Africa as RCM and VM soon.

OTM Zambia organized leadership of Olivet Teen Mission(OTM) Zambia that sister Mary takes care of it instead of Matthew due to final examination.

Zambia 3 church ministers joined Shepherd Retreat last week and received training together with the new shepherd. Emmanuel church made 25 students with onsite and online evangelism together with the YEF Zambia-UNZA chapter.