Africa Conference ‘Bearing Fruits Toward 29th WGA’

Africa leaders held a conference and shared directions toward the 29th World General Assembly(WGA). Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared about WGA place and mission direction to make fruits. They emphasized praying for the committee for 300 high school projects.

As for the WGA, they shared the meaning of the ‘fruit’ that leaders need to work for. There is a new system to make statics of our ministers ‘fruits ‘ that counting Committed Members and Faith & Family(F&F) member. OAA explained the meaning of CM and F&F members to make a strong church.

They shared about the good news of organizing the committee for the 300 High School project that they will consist of mission, education, business to research, and support as well.

They gave thanks to God for the decision and presented for buying the 1st school property in Lusaka. Africa leaders were impressed by the direction to make school is to ‘help may youths living in the poor area’. They explained “the building property is poor yet” but “the place will change many people and will reveal the glory of God”.