AM Africa Progresses Towards M40 Expansion; Creating Small Group For Identification

Apostolos Missions Africa Created Bible study groups for new students according to M40 and G20 nations. Currently, there are EAF, Nigeria, Congo, Zambia with plans also create for SA, Ethiopia, Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, and Mozambique once they have students.

The reason we want to do this is to give identity to our Bible students from the very beginning of their journey with us. With the right identity, we think it can be easy for us to guide and raise Bible students as members and set them to volunteering and leadership.

There are currently twelve students distributed across all four groups. These arrangement does not affect the RCMs and that are all gathered in one group and having a unifying Bible study. “We hope we can be able to guide, teach and lead all the lambs of God that are given to us”, Walter Livingstone shared.

Please pray that the bible study group can help students feel connected to AM and that they can establish an identity as a member of AM Africa.