AM Africa Develops Plan Towards South Africa Expansion; Pioneering Angola

As AM HQ and AM Network leaders are uniting to promote the expansion of the Gospel this quarter, the leaders are beginning to tackle the pioneering priorities as they push to save one more soul and revive the countries that are in desperate need of the truth. AM Africa leader: Walter Livingstone, has been appointed to give focus to Angola which is one of the pioneering countries for this quarter. Walter shares his plans and his hope as he seeks to expand the mission into Southwest Africa.

Angola is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Northeast, Namibia to the South, Zambia to the East, and the South Atlantic Coast to the West. Angola is the seventh-largest country in Africa today with a total of 32.87 million inhabitants. Luanda is Angola’s largest city, with an estimated population of 8 million people.

With students currently in Zambia, Namibia, and Botswana, Africa leaders are working towards training and setting up leaders in these countries to establish AM presence as well as promote the mission into Southwest Africa. “I believe that God will give us people we can connect with,” said Walter. While the majority of Angolans speak Portuguese, the leaders have hope that God can and will guide them to those who can help spread the gospel despite the language barrier.

There are a total of 18 universities in Angola. AM Africa leader has begun to do research on the top 5 universities which will be the main target and focus for online evangelism efforts until the end of June. As they are working towards setting up more AM leaders in the Southern part of Africa, Walter is hopeful that as they all work together in evangelizing, they will soon find that one person from Angola who is thirsty to know the word of God.

Please pray for the country of Angola and that AM Africa can experience the power of the Holy Spirit in finding one soul despite the difference in language.