Africa Leaders Moving Forward to M40

Africa leaders held a conference to prepare the Pentecost and preparing M40 pioneering plan. They shared the strategy of regional division to make M40 countries. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared the message of 1st miracle of John that ‘the wedding of Cana’ to encourage leaders.

They decided to make the M40 plan from two regions before establishing Southern Africa and Western Africa missions. Kenya of EAF will take charge of Ethiopia and Mozambique missions, and Zambia of Central Africa will take charge of Nigeria, D.R. Congo, Ghana, Angola, and Cameroon.

OAA shared that the born-again life is true life that we got the true life from the world because of Jesus.

John chapter 2 is showing ‘two water’ and ‘two weddings’. Our life is ‘changed life’ as like water changed to wine when we meet Jesus. And we dream of the time of Jesus which is the universal wedding of Christ that he comes as a bridegroom.

Jesus was showing eschatological life waiting for the Lord to come from Matthew 25. We also keep mover forward with the attitude of Paul that he presses on that he may lay hold for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.