Kitwe Gratia Church Held Sunday Service: ‘’Give back Glory to God’’

On 15th May, 19 people including 5 Olivet High School (OHS) students gathered and meditated on the importance to give glory to God in every circumstance. Intern Pastor Peter shared the Word of God from Luke 17: 11-15.

When Jesus healed 10 lepers, only 1 came to give thanks and give glory to God for his healing, and 9 did not come. This story teaches how important it is to give joy, as the purpose of our lives, for everyone was created to give joy to Him. But only a few know this because we don’t know the difference between the main purpose and the additional one.

Some think that the purpose of my life is to work as a doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc forgetting the main one. This makes one seek the priority that is the Kingdom of God and His righteousness or spiritual blessings, not to focus only on physical blessing but eternal ones.

The church is not only a place to get miracles but also a place of worship and listening to God’s Word, which is receiving the passport to go to Heaven. Apostle Paul in Romans 1:21 said though we know God we don’t give thanks that belong to Him, therefore, giving thanks to God is a sign of faith.