OA Zambia Started Shepherd hood System

Olivet Assembly of Zambia(OA Zambia) held a weekly conference and confirmed 6 shepherds from the chapter leader. They shared the meaning of a shepherd from John 21 for evangelism and mission. They shared the Role and Responsibility of the Shepherd and shared with the members to start discipleship training.

Missionary James shared the meaning of the Membership that they need to finish the bible study courses and evangelism and network as a practice of the words of God. He gave basic guidance to be careful for the relationship to take care of ‘Lamb of Jesus’ instead of their own lamb.

They will use the link of voice provided by the Education Department of WOA and will check the reflections to encourage their lambs or sheep. They will report weekly for the status of the members and how much they achieved. They check it from the google sheet together so that everyone can see how much their group is developing.

Missionary James shared “we will try to make a system to raise many disciples and leaders through the shepherding system” and “We will check the flow of input to output from the words of God first and we need to make a system to go to evangelism to have lambs of their group”.