Africa Going to M40 through Online Evangelism

Africa leaders held a weekly conference and shared the movement of online evangelism. Olivet Assembly of Africa(OAA) shared the message of the 1st miracle in the book of Acts that leaders can make miracles like apostles when they have faith in the resurrection.

They shared about the importance of the website because of the pandemic so that they need to update for online evangelism to expand the M40 network. The Web-church will be renovated to be more useful to make fellowship. Africa also needs to prepare an online church, as well as the network speed, which will be developed this year.

OAA reported the shepherding system of Zambia that they have 7 shepherds for evangelism and they will check the update of discipleship training. They gave a Reporter’s training to the University of Zambia youth chapter leader last week. They received one South Africa sister from Jubilee and started to teach from last week for the Kingdom of God.

OF Africa held a prayer for unity with YEF, AM, and OTM leaders from Zambia and Kenya, Ghana, and the USA. They plan to review evangelism status and mission activities. I.P. Livingstone received a one-month visa extension to stay in Kenya. He will go to Uganda to prepare a visa after finishing Pentecost Service.

YEF Africa received 1 VM and 1 RSSM from Rwanda and Zambia.

AM Africa registered 1 RCM from Kenya. They started 2nd phase BBS with 6 brothers. They will have one more RCM from Kenya next week.

Elim led prayer meetings for the growth of evangelism and preparing the Pentecost program. They made a goal for 3 RM.

Kenya Gratia church received one family as one of the members invited her husband. Also, one brother, Peter came through street evangelism. Pastor Jane is teaching current members and I.P. Livingstone evangelizing new members.

Zambia had a discussion for shepherd hood and the system of it. Leaders received guidance and direction and organized groups. They will share updates the next time. Kitwe Gratia church held a Sunday service with 20 members. And Lusaka Emmanuel church got a reporter’s training to teach YEF UNZA chapter leader.